Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Heidi's Movie Review

I just got back from seeing Hairspray and it was wonderful!! I loved it, it was fun and entertaining the whole way through! I wasn't expecting it so be so funny but it really kept us laughing as well as dancing to the music. I thought it was very well casted and that everyone played their parts beautifully! I also didn't realize it had a message too but it does and I too feel that "everyday should be negro day!"

Sunday, July 29, 2007

My Little Garden

So, one of my goals for the summer was to make our Balcony more inviting and enjoyable. One thing I really wanted to do was have some plants out there and actually keep them alive for longer than a few weeks. One weekend before school got out we went to Home Depot and found some plants that enjoyed sunlight and were hardy and brought them home and planted them. I am happy to report that the plants have endured the summer quite nicely. I can't take all the credit thought, Josh has helped as well as JD, he takes care of them when we are out of town. The ones that I am most proud of though are the pepper plants from Dr. Burlengame.

This is what the peppers looked like shortly after planting them.

Look at how much they have grown!!

And the best part is they are actually growing Peppers!!!!! We weren't sure what kind they would be but it turns out we got bell peppers!! I know it's lame but I am really excited about it!

Summer Time Fun

So, I might be a big nerd but I thought it would be fun to get a little pool for the puppies to play in. Of course Shelly thougth it was a fun idea too so we went for it. The dogs didn't like it as much as we had hopped but we had fun. It's also nice for laying out becuase it really gets hot out there and now we can put our feet in the pool!

Chloe was not real impressed with the cold water but she lookes so cute!

Buddy crashes out after a day of fun in the sun!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

You Have to Read This

Ok, so I am totally bumming because my super sweet, adorable, no trouble at all puppy Buddy has chewed threw my cable that allows me to put my pictures on the computer! It's funny because Shelly (my blogger inspiration) is going through the same problem. The only difference is she just left hers at a friends house where mine has to be replaced. Yes it is my own fault for leaving it on the floor and not paying attention to Buddy as he was sitting right next to me while chewing it up but still... I miss it!!! Anyway, you have to go to JD and Shelly's blog (the link is under other blogs to visit on the side of this page) to read about how the adventures at our apartment complex are continuing on. It never ceases to amaze me, you honestly just never know what is going to happen around here. This one might take the cake though, it's pretty ridiculous!! It's the first post on their sight so just read it!

Monday, July 23, 2007

American Idol Top 10

For Mom's Birthday this year Dad asked Josh and I to get tickets to the American Idol Top 10 Tour because we are all huge Idol fans. So of course we had no trouble doing that for him and helping to surprise Mom. She was very excited, it was a great gift, good job Dad!
Mom and Dad were rocking out while Blake Lewis was singing and playing the Guitar. They were using their lighters of the 21st century!

The concert was tonight at the Honda Center in Anaheim. When we went to get our tickets they were pretty close to sold out so we ended up sitting in the nosebleeds so we rented binoculars and made the best of it. We had a lot of fun and we are all in agreement that Chris Richardson stole the show! Jordan and Blake did great too, in fact they all did well minus the two that we didn't really have high hopes for but hey it wouldn't have been the same with out them. Ha, ha!

Vicky is one of our Idol/Chris n Blake/Justin fans and pretty much our concert buddy so she came with us too!

Didn't you see us in this week's issue of TV Guide?

Oh yes, this is Sanjaya Malakar doing Thriller in bright red pants!!
If you click on some of these pictures you can get a better zoomed in view.

Blake and Chris

Chris Richardson and Blake Lewis Steal the show with their beat boxing skills, their voices and their good looks!

The Top 10 Perform Together

Jordan Sparks

Phil Stacy Sings God Bless America with the Girls

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Happy Birthday Josh Part 2

On Tuesday night our fabulous friends Joy, Sean, Keisha and Eric decided to throw Josh a surprise, belated, birthday party. It was so sweet of them, they brought cake, candles and gifts. Josh was totally surprised. Sean made a Chocolate Peanut Butter cake that was to die for and of course Josh loves peanut butter so it was perfect! Later we played games and had lots of fun and laughter!

Sean and Joy

Keisha and Eric (aka E-bay) sing the Happy Birthday Re-mix!!! WooWho!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Mary Kay ; )

This year I started my own Mary Kay Business! That's right I am an independent Beauty Consultant. Ever since I started I have been having a ton of fun with it. I love make up and spending time with the girls so it's a good fit for me. Plus, it's nice to earn a little extra money as well as the fun prizes that Mary Kay offers just for working your business. Her I am at Star Night last night. I got to walk across the stage for becoming a star consaultant this quarter, my first quarter by the way. Please check out my website, it's fabulous and lots of fun to play around on.

Here's Cristal and I with our ribbons! Yeah for becoming stars!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Jimmy Kimmel Live

A few weeks ago I got to go to a taping of Jimmy Kimmel Live with my friend Vicky to see Kelly Clarkson. All of Jimmy's musical guests do live concerts behind the studio, part of which is filmed for the show. The audience is a little over 100 people so everyone gets a very good view. They usually do about 5 or 6 songs. Kelly did a fabulous job, I love her!!! The only sad thing was that Vicky told me that we would get to see Matthew Fox also because the other guests that are being interview usually come out and say hello to the crowd. Yeah, the concert was over and they said thanks for coming and yet he never came out. I had Vicky in tears laughing because I screamed out "where's Matthew Fox!!!???" Then proceeded to ask everyone I saw if they got to meet him. I was super bummed!!!
This weekend Josh and I went with Vicky and her brother and saw Maroon 5. We were even closer for this show and when we watched the show on TV later that night we could see ourselves. Granted we had to watch it in slow motion but when we did we were clearly in the picture! Anyway, we had a great time!! But, I still haven't met Matthew Fox!!
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Friday, July 13, 2007

Jodi and Ben's Wedding

On July 8th 2007 Jodi and Ben were married at the McHenry Country Club in Cristal Lake Illinois. It was a beautiful wedding. What you can't tell from these pictures is just how hot it was. It was the hottest day of the summer for Illinois and this was an out door 4:30 wedding. It was HOT! It was worth it though because it was so beautiful and the Bride and Groom had a perfect time. Jodi was laughing and having a ball through every part of the wedding, it was really fun to watch.

Jodi and Ben the happy couple!
See look, you can't even tell how hot we were that day!
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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Kim's Birthday Party

Kim's Birthday is was July 8th so the night before we celebrated with a big party. Kim wanted a party with a Pink theme so pink it was! Jackson and Josh of course forgot to pack their pink shirts so they went out and bought the coolest, hottest pink, Chicago shirts they could find.
We didn't really know anyone at the party being that we're from CA (except for Julie who we had met a few days before) but we made the best of it and had a great time. Evan, Jackson and Josh came up with a tasty drink that was of course the color pink and we called it a Kimtini, it was fabulous! The boys were the bartenders and they were the hit of the night one because the drinks were so good and two because of their hot pink touristy shirts.

Happy Birthday Kim!!
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Bachelorette Party

This was Jodi's Bachelorette Party, it was so much fun. We started the night at one of the Carrie's house, she was one of the Bride's Maids. Her parents have a beautiful home and we had margaritas and fabluous food out on the poorch. There were even firefiles out when the sun set. So, cool I hadn't seen firefiles since I was like 7. We had so much fun playing games, eating food and giving Jodi some fun gifts! ; )
The APU Friends

After we did the shower portion of the night we went down to the bar in the basement, yeah nice house! It was so cute, Carrie's Dad was the bartender. He made us J-E-L-L-O shots whcih was perfect seeing that Jodi has a thing for J-E-L-L-O. After that we went out to some real bars for some good old embarrasment for the bride. The only problem is Jodi's is impossible to embarrase! We had a blast!
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Enjoying Chicago

Being that we didn't get home from the Transformer Movie until after 3:00 in the morning the night before, we slept in until around 1:15 on the real 4th of July. When we all finally got up and pulled or selves together we decided to head out for some good old Chicago style deep dish pizza. It was breakfast/lunch for us but it was really good pizza!! Yummy!!!!

This is Kim and her friend Julie who we got to know on this trip. It sees that she thinks we are a little strange, who could blame her!?

This is the world famous Fariswheel. I believe it was the first one in the world and was made to show the French up after they made the Eiffel Tower. It is a huge Fariswheel that moves very slow so that you can enjoy the view of Chicago from up high. It really was awesome!
It is truly and incredible view! It was also nice to sit down after walking around the city all day. Oh and this was actually the 4th of July.

Julie is pointing at Evan's pants because of course he dared himself to take them off on the ride. Her suspicions about us being strange were confirmed over and over again as she spent time with us. I decided to refrain from putting the underwear pictures on here. It's good to know that somethings will never change.

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Happy 3rd of July

In Chicago they celebrate the 4th of July for 3 nights instead of just one. Fireworks are included on each night in at least two different locations. We caught the fireworks on the 3rd after wondering around the city for several hours. After that we were lucky enough to see Transformers on opening night at 12:00. Yeah, we were pretty much just along for the ride. The movie didn't get out until close to 3:00 am and on the walk home it was defanatly raining. It was an adventure for sure!
I told Evan and Josh to go and pose so I could get them watching the fireworks. They put their arms around each other and really got caught up in the moment. So caught up in fact that I pretty much watched the show alone, finally I had to remind them that they could come back and sit with me.

Isn't it cool how you can see the reflection of the firewoks on the buildings behind me!

So, we didn't know Kim was such a wild city girl. Before going to the movie we ended up at this crazy bar where they throw paper all over the place and the name is a little risky! Dick's Last Resourt.
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We just got back from a week long trip to Chicago. We were going for Jodi's wedding and decided to make a vacation out of it. Kim lives in the heart of Chicago and offered to let us stay with her. She lives in walking distance from everything and Evan lives close by as well. We spent the week before the wedding hanging out with them and seeing the sights. It was the week of 4th of July so it was a little crowded and crazy but it was a lot of fun. They had this flag on display on Michigan avenue which I thought was just amazing.

Right next to this building is one of the Trump buildings. It is actually the building that Bill form season 1 of The Apprentice was hired to work on. It's not finished yet but you can tell that these condos will have amazing views of Chicago.

These pictures were taken from the Seres Tower. I am so impressed with my camera, these were taken through the window even. We were lucky to catch the view on such a clear day!

The park that is seen here is Millennium Park and it's only about 2 or 3 blocks from Kim's Condo.