Monday, March 23, 2009

It could be worse!!

The sad thing about this little sketch is that I can actually relate to it... in an exaggerated way of course but none the less...

Friday, March 20, 2009

Another day with Jackson

Amy, Emily and Abby had a girls shopping day last weekend and Josh M. had to work because it's tax season so I was the lucky one who got to spend the day with Jackson.  I don't know why they didn't want to take this little bundle of joy with them as they went shopping all day! ; )  Amy brought him over to our house in the morning and we had a super fun day together.  I have to say that baby sitting this little guy is really easy but when you add two goofy little dogs in the mix it becomes a little more interesting.  The dogs love babies, they want to kiss and play with them.  Boo especially wanted to kiss Jackson right on the lips all day long... no thanks Boo!  Jackson thought the puppies were really funny so it all worked out.  Amy brought the stroller and we had a nice walk around our complex.  It's really a great place for walking, especially the little walking path by the creek. 
Don't we all have a picture of us like this from our childhoods?
How can you resist those chubby cheeks????

When Jackson took his morning nap, Buddy thought it sounded like a pretty good idea too.  He was like thanks for putting this blanket down for us, I think I need to sleep right next to Jackson.

I always look forward to spending time with Jackson, he just makes me so happy!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day

I was so happy this morning when Ben walked up with this cute little Shamrock plant for me.  He handed it to me with the biggest smile on his face, it was so sweet!  
I love it!

Christopher's mom came into our classroom this morning and made green eggs and ham for us.  Here I am being a good sport and eating the eggs and ham right along with the kids.  Their reactions were so funny, I think they were more bothered by the fact that the eggs were runny.  
I love how festive everyone was green hair ties, green socks, shirts and head bands.
I am not sure what it is about green bagels, but they just make me happy!!
When we came back from lunch today the students discovered little green foot prints on their desks and they quickly realized that our classroom had been visited by the leprechauns!!  They were so excited, it was priceless.  A few of them were like "Mrs. Ambrose... It was you!!"  I said, "Me?  Look at the size of my feet, I couldn't have done that!"

You know you were made to work with kids when a day like this really makes you happy!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Newlyweds

Last weekend Emily and Aaron had us over to their cute little home for a delicious home cooked meal.  As always I was totally inspired by Emily's artistic decorating abilities.  She has an amazing eye for finding funky, artistic things and making them look really cute in her home.  They made some fabulous homemade ravioli with a butternut squash kind of filling with apple sausage and asparagus.  It was so cute to get there and find the two of them preparing dinner together in their new place.  It is so fun having them so close to us now, we are looking forward to getting to hang out more regularly.  They had a fabulous honeymoon and seem to be enjoying the married life.  We had a great time catching up over dinner and hearing their hilarious story of going to see the midnight showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.  Emily you should do a post about that because it's such a great story.  Later we had some yummy frozen yogurt... my favorite!
We had so much fun and are looking forward to getting together again soon.  Oh, and yes, I got a new hair cut.  I haven't had bangs in years so I was a little nervous about them but I am really kind of enjoying the new look. 


A few weeks ago I had the privilege of babysitting my favorite little kid-o, Jackson.  This boy has a ton of willing babysitters.  Both of his Grandmas live close by and so do lots of relatives and friends so its not that often that Amy needs to find a babysitter for him.  When she asked me the other day I was really excited to do it.  After all my years of babysitting as a teenager I never thought I would be so happy to babysit.  Anyway, when you spend all your time with first graders, it is nice to get to hang out with a cheerful little baby for a change.

I took this picture myself so it's a little weird but the look on Jackson's face is priceless.  He is like what the heck are you doing?

At the end of the night he totally made me melt by falling asleep in my arms.  There is nothing like a sleeping baby all snuggled up in your arms!