Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Beckhams!!!!

Ok, so I didn't write about this when I did the Justin Timberlake post because I was waiting for some pictures to hopefully show up on line. I have told most of you this already but... It's was so exciting you can hear it again! The concert was absolutely the best Birthday present for me ever! It couldn't have been more perfect! First of all it's Justin and I just love him! He dances and sings and beat boxes and it's just awesome!!! I love it!! As if that wasn't enough, before the concert even started everyone around me was looking over and pointing to one of the box seats and I was like who's over there thinking it would be someone famous and it might be kind of cool and it was more than kind of cool... it was the Beckhams!! I adore Victora she is so cute and I just love her hair!!! It's really funny because I was her when my friends and I made a Spice Girls video our Sophomore year in high school. Yeah we were really cool! When I saw her show I decided I wanted to cut my hair like her and so I did! Anyway, when I realized it was them and that I could totally see them and their kids I got really excited!! Josh had just gone to get coffee for us so as soon as he got back I was freaking out. We were excited! Then Kanye West shows up, Hello all of my favorites How cool is that???? Well, someone finally posted a picture of them at the show so here is the link to see what we saw!!!! I tried to take my own but it was just too dark in there plus these are better! I'm a nerd I know but it works for me!

Melissa's Bridal Shower

Today was Melissa's Shower, it was beautiful! It was at Ashley's house in Long Beach which is just adorable, seriously Wow! She thew a very nice party!

Melissa, Ashley and I

The flowers were just so pretty!

Welcome to My Classroom!

We have already had two and a half weeks of school and it's off to a good start! I can't post pictures of my cute students but I thought I would show you what my classroom looks like.

If you click on these you can zoom in a little. Don't the student's desks look nice and neat? We are really working on keeping them that way but it's easier said than done!!

I have an Arthur theme in my classroom. The kids even get to take him home over the weekend and they love it. "It's a Wonderful Kind of Day!" Is part of the theme song on the Arthur show as well as the videos.

This is my desk. Yes, I did clean it off for the picture but I try to start and end the day with my desk looking neat. During the school day my desk gets covered in papers and who knows what else. Oh, and do you see the Starbucks? One of my students brought me a Pumpkin Spice Latte and a Pumpkin Scone for my Birthday, yummy!!
Check out these adorable Rain Boots, First Graders have the cutest shoes these days!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

My 25th Birthday

Last night for my Birthday we went to Lucille's BBQ Smokehouse in Rancho with some of our closest friends! It was very special and they all made me feel so loved!

Joy and Sean gave me the cutest birthday gifts ever! I love the pink cupcake paper, it brought me back to some of my favorite birthday memories from when I was around 10 years old! So much fun!! They spoiled me rotten with gifts too. I have the best friends in the world, it's true!

Sean and Joy

Josh and Amy

Keisha and Eric Melissa

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Justin Timberlake SEXYBACK

On our anniversary Josh surprised me with the fact that he had bought us tickets to Justin's SexyBack show and that it would be right by my birthday. This was the best Birthday/Anniversary surprise I could imagine!!! The concert was on Sunday night September 16th. We had sooooo much fun! We met up with Vicky and Rebecca who were also going before hand for dinner. We always have fun together laughing and reminiscing about all of the concerts we have been to lately.

The waitress was so excited for us that we were getting to see Justin that she brought us cake and told us to pretend it was someones birthday but it was really in honor of Jusitn!!

Mid way through the first half of the concert Justin said he had a little treat for us because he loves LA. He said he didn't normally do this but wanted to bring out a friend and next thing we knew out came Kanye West who sang Stronger with Justin, needless to say we were all freaking out!!! I am a huge fan of Kanye so this was an unbelievable surprise!

I know it is hard to tell, but this is Justin preforming Stronger with Kanye WEST!! It was so exciting! Seriously it was awesome, everyone in the crowd went truly nuts! Myself included!!!

To see video of their actual performance that night click on the following link. You can also see Justin performing a few other songs from that night there too!

Here are a few short video's that we took.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Apple Pie!!!

One of my summer goals was to make a pie! I had never done it before, I love to bake, I have a pie pan... why not? So, one of the last things I did as summer was coming to an end was make a homemade apple pie : ) It was actually much easier than I thought except for the crust. I had to try twice because the firs time it was not big enough and the second time it was hardly big enough but I made it work. I am happy to say that it turned out pretty good, Josh liked it, Sean liked it and every last piece was eaten!!
Oh, and check out Shelly's blog to see better pictures of my new hair cut! Yeah, their calling me Heidi Spice now...

Puppy Sitting Chloe

We puppy sat for JD and Shelly when they went out of town a few weekends ago. I love this little puppy and we had lots of fun! She is growing up and was allowed to roam around the apartment all alone during the night and we wondered what kind of mischief she would get into. She didn't get into any but that is probably because this is how I found her in the morning! She had knocked down the baby gate and it landed on her, who knows how long she was under there! As soon as I opened the door this is what I saw and being the responsible puppy sitter I am I of course ran to get my camera before letting her out!