Thursday, August 21, 2008

Guess who finally got to see Wicked!!

Although our anniversary is in May we usually do our real celebrating in the Summer because we are not bogged down with school. For our 4 year anniversary (which is just really hard to believe, time goes so fast!!) I got Josh tickets to see Wicked! I had the chance to see it last year but due to a school trip Josh couldn't come which was such a bummer. I loved it and knew he would too. He grew up watching the Wizard of Oz with is family over and over again. He knows all the words and even all the sound effects. His brother is the Scarecrow and "so you see", he just had to see it! He loved it and said that he now understands why people always want to see it over and over again!

"Well, we can't all come and go by Bubble!!"
"It's Glinda... with a Guh!"

"And so you see, it couldn't have been easy!"

Dinner with Jackson and Melissa

A few nights ago we had dinner with Jackson and Melissa. We went to one of our favorite Japanese food places. Later we came home and played Scene It and although the boys won as usual we had them really nervous for about half the game because we were WAY ahead!! After that we watched Michael Phelps compete in one of his many races, I think it was the one where he beat the guy by like one one hundredth of a second, we were all screaming and standing up when it happened!! So exciting, and how fun to be watching history happen!

Melissa is so excited that her picture will be on the blog... Jackson is equally thrilled!! Doesn't he look good in his V-neck shirt by the way? ; )


Last weekend we went to Disneyland for the fist time all summer. Hard to believe I know! I guess we have been busy and we also wanted to let the summer rush die down a little you know. Here we are about to go on the brand new Toy Story ride. Its in 3D, as if you couldn't tell. It's really fun because you actually get to shoot things along the way for points and you compete with the person you are riding with to see who can earn the most points. It was a lot of fun but I got the lowest score as always. Wah, wa!

We had an... interesting incounter with Walle???? Yikes!

Keisah and I are getting ready to go on the Tower of Terror, do we look worried?

Here we are flashing our favorite summer symbol, Majide!!!! If you watched How I survived a Japanese game show you will understand, if not you missed out on some great Japanese entertainment this summer! If Joy looks concerned in the back ground of this picture it's because she was!!! We got stopped on Space Mountain. The ride stopped and the lights turned on, it was kind of crazy. She really thought we were going to die!!! We didn't and we got an extra ride out of the deal with out waiting in line. Nothing was broken they just had to stop it because someone took to long getting on and it messed up the order of the cars, not a big deal but Joy will likely never go on the ride with us again. Boo!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance and Dr. Phil

I know I haven't been the best blogger lately and although it's Summer I have been really busy the last few weeks! The Summer was moving very slowly and then all of the sudden it just picked up and before I knew it 3 weeks had gone by. A lot has happened as you will see with the following posts. Another thing we have been busy doing this summer is going to see some of our favorite TV shows being taped! It's fun and it's free, you just have to wait in line! The waiting is the hardest part, everything else is just fun! We have actually been to So You Think You Can Dance 3 times and we even got to go to the finale! It was so much fun! The top 20 were just amazing and seeing them live brings it to a whole different level. Twitch was my favorite from the beginning but I loved Joshua too so when they called his name as the winner I was so happy! When they set off the confettie it totally scared me but it was just so cool to be there and see the emotion first hand. We were standing right next to Twitch's brother and Joshua's brother, God mother and Father and it was just so cool seeing their reactions!! We also went to see the first taping of The Dr.s which is a spin of of the Dr. Phil show and it is produced by Jay, Dr. Phil's son. It was so neat to be at their first show ever. Yesterday we went with Rick and Karen to see the Dr. Phil show! As most of you know I am huge, huge Dr. Phil fan. I know it's kind of weird but I just love him! I watch every day after school, it's my way of unwinding after a long day of first grade. We had special tickets because we went to the other show first so we got great seats and got to see two tapping's. DP didn't let us down, he was amazing! The show just flowed and it was so cool to be there live! We had such a great time!!! Watch for us on the first shows of the season when they come on in September!!!!

Old Friends

Amy was in town form Utah so us So Cal girls all got together from a lovely Spanish Dinner of Tapas and wine! It was so much fun! It was great to see these girls and catch up on life! It's hard to believe that in only 3 years we will be having our 10 year high school reunion, wow! We missed you Sarah, Cara and Kim!!

There is something wrong with this picture... since when are you taller than me Em??

Always a ton of laughs when we are together!

Happy Birthday Andy!

At the last minuet I decided to drive to my Mom's to ride up with her and my Grandma to surprise Andy for his Birthday. He really wanted me to come so he wasn't totally surprised but we had him going and it was pretty funny! It was great to see him and see his new apartment, it's huge! We went out to the Olive Garden for dinner and had the worst service ever! It was actually pretty funny because one thing after another kept happening. They ended up giving us a whole chocolate cake for free and it was delicious! It is a dinner that will not soon be forgotten!

Grandma's Visit

After visiting our parents we brought Grandma home with us so she could see our new house! It was so much fun to have her here! Although she was only here a few days we did everything! She got to see both classrooms, the snakes, our house and she went to our Church with us. She came to a Mary Kay meeting with me, got to meet Amy and Josh and baby Jackson, we went to a fun card making party, she celebrated her Birthday in July, Aunt Nancy came for dinner and to top it all off we had a big earthquake!! No one was hurt but things did fall off the walls and it was actually the first earthquake that Josh had ever felt, weird I know! We had so much fun together, I just wish we lived closer!

Staying with the Ambroses

We spent about a week at the Ambrose house back in the wonderful little town of Arroyo Grande! Although we were only there about a week we packed if full with lots of family time! Karen made us a delicious dinner of Kabobs one night, wow they were good! It was a great trip!


These are just some random pictures from a little flower shop in San Luis that I took because I thought it was so cute!

Happy Birthday Mom

We were in the middle of moving when my Mom's Birthday actually happened so needless to say I owed her a birthday gift. I decided to take her and my Grandma to Red Hot Pottery in San Luis. We had a great time painting together and we were all very happy with how our pieces came out. We found the cutest little shop across the street and my Grandma and I really wanted to buy this cute little vintage table and chair set.

Noguera Place

It's always great to return to the little neighborhood on Noguera Place and find that somethings never change! This time was extra special because my Grandma was there too. Not only was she there but so were Christine, Jason and Josiah, their beautiful new baby boy. They have been in Hong Kong for 2 years now and I think this was the first time I had seen them in at least 2 years. It was so much fun to meet little Josiah, he is just a doll. So sweet! He was born in HK so he even has a little baby passport, too cute! Jason and Christine are just the cutest parents and honestly haven't changed a bit other than the new addition! I hate living so far away! If you want to see more pictures of them, check out their blog, you can find the link on the side of my page! : )

You have to eat at Taco Loco at least once while you are in town!!! Qusadilla Loca Loca!! Yummmmmm!

The Wizard of Oz

We got to see Matt as the Scare Crow for the second time in the Wizard of Oz. He does such an amazing job, we are always so impressed!

We also had a great time seeing Grandma Ernie, Kim and Justin who were in town from Sacramento!

Guess who's engaged!!!!

While we were visiting our families on the coast we got to have a birthday brunch with Emily and Aaron. It was Emily's birthday and we honestly can't remember the last time were were actually together for her birthday! And yes, they are engaged now! The got engaged about one week after this picture was taken. The wedding will be in January and I am so excited to be a part of it! I just couldn't be happier or you Emily, he is perfect for you!!! I love you both!

Katrina and Maggie

Katrina was in town for the week for sports camp so I got to have a wonderful lunch with her and Melissa. It was great catching up and reminiscing about college memories! I love you Katrina! : )

JD and Shelly got a new puppy, her name is Maggie and I of course had to go and see her right away. She is so cute! Look at those blue eyes!