Friday, April 30, 2010

The School Dance

Last Friday night after a long week of work Josh and I got all dressed up for the first ever 7th and 8th grade dance at ACS. We were asked to dress up in something fun and be there to dance with and encourage those students who were a little hesitant to dance. Well, they really didn't need any encouragement to get up and dance, literally everyone was up and dancing most of the night. Actually what they were doing most of the night was more like jumping up and down with a little dancing mixed in here and there. We have been to lots of dances over the years and never have we seen so much jumping. I have seen jumping like this at concerts before but not at dances. It was pretty funny. These kids LOVE "Mr. A" and I have gotten to know them a little bit this year as well so they actually wanted us to get out there and dance with them. We did the tiny bit of swing dancing that we know and suddenly they were all were circled around us taking pictures and cheering us on. They loved it, none of them were actually dancing together as couples so I think they were some what impressed or maybe confused as to what we were doing, I don't know... Anyway, we had a lot of fun and the kids did too.

You know you are at a Jr. High dance when... there's a candy table fully stocked with Gummy Worms, Bubble Gum and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.

Mr. A dancing with the kids

Baby Sarver

We spent Spring Break with our families in AG and for some reason I wasn't really in a picture taking mood. I did however feel the need to capture a few pictures when we went to meet Scott and Nichole's new little baby boy Logan. Scott and Josh go way, way back. They have been friends since they were in elementary school and Scott was in our wedding. Over Christmas we finally got to meet Nichole who is super sweet and on this trip we got to meet baby who was only 5 weeks old!!! The little Sarver family is just so cute!!! They are adjusting to life with a brand new baby and yet they had us over for an amazing dinner followed by a delicious cake that she had made. I was totally impressed! It was fun seeing Josh and Scott together with a baby!!! Instead of talking cars and sports they were talking all things baby, it was pretty cute! I guess we are all growing up aren't we... weird! Next time I will have to make sure that Nichole and I get in a picture as well.

Just a tinly little peanut!! : )

Shelby and Matt's Wedding

Matt is a good friend of ours who works at ACS with us. He also went to APU and lived with Jackson for awhile. Shelby went to APU as well but we are just getting to know her through Matt. They are a wonderful couple and they got married the Friday before Easter. It was a beautiful, slightly cold ; ) but truly beautiful wedding! We also had fun traveling to the wedding with Jackson, Melissa and Stacy... lots of good laughs too and from the wedding as always.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sushi Time

Life has just been too busy lately and not only have I been slacking in the blog department (as my mom so kindly pointed out, at least someone misses me! ; ) but there as been a serious lack of Jackson pictures in my life!! Sad!! We got together with Leanna, Amy and Jackson for Sushi a few weeks ago and it was time to catch up on some long over due pictures! Josh M was busy working because it was tax season but thankfully that's over now so we will get to see our friends much more often!! : ) Jackson is getting so big, he walks all over the place, loves to talk and although he hasn't exactly mastered the chopsticks yet, he does love sushi or as he would say... suseee!!! : ) Amy is due in June, we can't wait to meet Baby Carter!!!!

Universal Studios

For the month of March Universal Studios opened it's doors to teachers in for free. They decided to do this because of all the crazy things that have been happening to teachers these days. We were all very excited to hear about the chance to get in for free so we just couldn't pass it up! It was my first time going and we really had a blast! It was fun being together again with our wonderful friends. We were reminded of the good old days when we used to go to Disneyland all the time! : )

These were all taken on the Universal Tour, do you recognize any of these famous places?!?!?!