Wednesday, January 23, 2008

American Idol

American Idol is back and we are loving it as always! Here are some of my favorite quotes so far...

"This show is fake and rigged because I Can Sing!"

"Randy called me a Disney character!"

"Gramerous, gramerous, oh I'm gramerous, gramerous!!"  

"Theres nothing biggah than American Idol... except my mom and dad."

"Let my people go!!!"

Happy Birthday Shelly!!!

Today is Shelly's Birthday!

Tonight it was very rainy but we decided to go out and celebrate anyway! Come on, a girl only turns 24 once you know! We went to our favorite little Japanese spot and had some sushi. Well, I didn't really have sushi but I do love my California Rolls!!

What would we do with out these fabulous neighbors?

This is such a classic Josh shot, I love it! This is in reference to some funny looking and funny tasting birthday fruit dessert!

Sean's Birthday

For Sean's Birthday we went to the Cheesecake Factory last night for a Superman dinner. We just love these two and it was great to get to celebrate with them!

Yeah, we even had party favors. Can you tell who's who?

A Happy Birthday Apple Dumpling


That stands for Adult Disneyland Day... It's good times!

In Californain Adventur we found out which Disney Character we are each most like.
Can you guess
Who's Who?

A. Woody B. Buzz Light Year C. Ariel D. Cinderella

1. Josh 2. Heidi 3. Joy 4. Sean

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


For Christmas Josh and I Disneyland passes! Joy, Sean, Keisha and Erik always get passes and now we can finally join in on the Disney fun with them. In honor of our first trip to The Magic Kingdom as pass holders Joy and Sean bought us our ears! Yes, they do say Ham and Jam!!

It was really cold standing out watching the fireworks so that's why I am totally bundled but I had to continue to wear my ears! The fireworks were really good and the snow was very cool!
Disneyland with Attitude

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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year 2008!!!

This year we were all determined to have a really fun New Years Eve and so we did. Joy and Sean came over for dinner. We had BBQ Hamburgers and Kielbasa. It was like a feast. Joy and Sean even brought party favors, hats and noise makers... It was perfect!!

When the 4 of us get together the laughs never end, we always have so much fun!

That is a Hamburger not to be messed with! Wow!!

Good Food!!

Bringing in the New Year with Friends!

It's hard to believe that it's really 2008! Time is going by so quickly!

Buddy was a little confused by all our noise makers! He was not entirely amused!

Jackson and Melissa joined us around 10:00, just in time for some guy's vs girls "Scene it?"

Kisses at midnight! ; )

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Visiting Family

It was great to be back in our Hometown last week. We got a chance to see some family we hadn't seen in awhile.


Steven surprised the family and came home for Christmas. He is currently stationed in Georgia and we hadn't seen him in about 2 years so it was really great to see him.

Grandma, Sierra, Mom, Andy and Me

Grandma's Birthday

It was a pleasure to get to be with Grandma on her Birthday. We took her out to dinner at Taco Loco (a local favorite) with the Ambroses. I think she felt very loved!!

Christmas Day

We spent Christmas Day at the Ambrose's house. Buddy had so much fun with all the presents he got. The best was this giant bone that one of my students gave him. He loves it!! We had a great day. We did presents and had a wonderful dinner with Grandma and Grandpa.

Christmas Eve

We spent Christmas Eve at my parents house. We went to church and then opened our presents. Oh, and we also ate coffee cake of course!!

The AG Christmas Party

It's an annual tradition that has been going on since High School that every Christmas I have a Christmas party at my parents house. It's always fun to see our friends that we hardly get to see during the year. This year Jackson and Melissa came early and helped Josh and I make pizza for dinner. It was so much fun cooking, eating and catching up with everyone. John and Sarah even brought their sweet little baby Nina. I hope that we will still be getting together even when we are 40 and all have kids!!

Kim, Emily and Me

Melissa Marion and Jackson

Aaron and Emily

Merry Christmas!!!

This was our Christmas picture this year and yes, we are now those people who take pictures with their dog and send it out!! We actually had a lot of fun taking this picture. JD and Shelly took it for us and helped get Buddy to pose. He was so funny, he knew he was the center of attention that night, it was too cute! We really do love this little dog!

Needless to say it took several tries to get a good shot of all 3 of us!