Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Awards BBQ

Last weekend we had a Mary Kay Awards BBQ.  Amy is so sweet and she gave me a very nice award.   I wasn't even expecting to get anything but she totally surprised me!  I got the Miss Image Award.  That means that she feels I represent Mary Kay well with my make up, appearance and personality.  It meant a lot to me!  I was proud of my award but check out Emily with ALL her awards!!!  It was pretty funny, she looked like a decorated race horse!  Way to go Em!
Seriously we were laughing so hard!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Back in the Blogging World!

It's so exciting to have the Internet all hooked up and running now, I have totally missed having my blog and checking my friends pages. Weird to think what life was like before the Internet, how did we survive? Just kidding, kind of! Well, a lot has happened since the last time I blogged. The two biggest things being that School ended and we moved!! I have had many requests for pictures of our new place so I have added several posts so you can all see what the inside looks like. The pictures don't do it justice, you need to come see it in person.

It feels great to finally be in Summer and also to be moved, we finally feel like we can relax. School ended one day and the next we closed escrow! One week later we moved! Joy and Sean really helped us out a lot! It pays to be teachers and have teacher friends, we had nothing to do but move. Sean helped us paint a few days before moving day and Joy contact papered our whole kitchen. They basically packed and unpacked the whole kitchen too. That's a big job! Jackson and Melissa know, they did it last time. Two days before we moved, we got to go to So You Think You Can Dance! It was so much fun! It was 8 hours of standing and waiting but it was totally worth it. The dancers are amazing on TV but in person when they are right there in front of you... WOW! Josh and Sean actually had several really good head shots on TV. You could see all of us from behind but they cut me out when they showed their faces, errr! Anyway, Twitchington is my favorite but Mark and Chelsie and Katee and Joshua are amazing! If you watch this week look for us on Wednesday because Josh and I are going again tomorrow!! What can I say, we love it! Well, we are pretty much all unpacked now except for a few boxes here and there and we still have some organizing to do of course. If you can call us and come by we love visitors!!!! Happy Summer and we hope to see you soon!

Happy 4th of July

We spent the 4th of July with Amy and Josh and their family. We had a great day relaxing at the pool and then a yummy BBQ dinner. I even ate a hot dog! I was feeling festive! Later we went down to a parking lot where we got to see some pretty great fireworks! It was a lot of fun!

Amy's parents have two birds that they have had for years! Longer than their kids I think. Rodger is the green one, he talks and Birtha is the white one. They both totally posed for the pictures!

This is Otis and Betsy, Amy's brother and mom. Betsy and I actually worked together at APU along time ago at Heritage cafe!

Enjoying the Night Air

After dinner we just relaxed outside for awhile, that's one good thing about Hot Summer days, the cool night air!

Amy's Dad, Amy and Josh

Abby and Curtis

Me and Lianna

Josh and I

Watching the Fireworks

Amy is ready to have the baby any day now! Isn't she just the cutest pregnant lady ever!

I made them take this picture like 5 times trying to get the fireworks behind them but it didn't work. It's still a cute picture though!

The Grass!!!

We enlisted the help of Jackson and JD to help Josh put the sod in the backyard. Although it's not a really large area, we wanted some grass for the Buddster! The guys came over early one morning, cleared out the wood chips and put in the sod. They cranked it out while Shelly and I went shopping for some home decor, and it looks awesome!

I am sure JD will love this picture of Shelly putting sunscreen on him! : )
Before they could put the sod in they had to remove a large bush, the root was a lot bigger than I expected it to be. I think it took all three of them to get it out. They were pretty proud of themselves!

More from the Backyard

Here they are feeling so proud after removing the huge root!

The finished product!


Chloe and Buddy hadn't seen each other in so long, they miss each other! They were so fun to watch jumping on each other like old times! Here they are staring at each other in their crates while we went shopping and the boys worked in the back yard.

It's hard to get them both looking at the same time!

I know you can't really tell but they were so cute watching as the guys worked in the yard!

The Bathrooms

Honestly, the bathrooms are the rooms I am most proud of! We painted them a Tiffany blue and are accenting them with Chocolate brown! I love them! Painting a bathroom, although a small space, is a really hard thing to do! There is so much to get around, the mirrors, the cabinets, the toilet, it's hard! We were so lucky to have the help of our good friend Sean, he showed us what to do and helped us with all the painting for two days straight! One of the painting days was Josh's 26th birthday by the way! There is a whole story that goes along with why there are no pictures from that night but that's another post!

No, I still haven't put a real picture in the frames yet!

The Bedroom

Here is our bedroom, we painted it a celery green. Sean risked his life painting up to the vaulted ceiling. What a good friend!

See the high ceiling? Thank goodness for ceiling fans! This is amazing! I don't know why all places around here don't have them, seriously!

The Dining Room

We painted the walls a butter yellow in here.

Notice the new bar stools! I was very excited about getting these!

From here you can see out into our little back yard! Isn't it cute!

The Living Room

It's funny how different things make you feel grown up... for us a sectional couch, that feels grown up!

He really likes the new couch!

Buddy is still adjusting to living in a place where he can actually see out the windows. A place where we actually have neighbors and people making noises. Honestly it's really quiet here but to a dog it's like a whole new world! He is so funny, every little noise is cause for a bark or small growl. (Don't worry we don't let him bark like crazy or anything!) He hears the doorbell on the TV and thinks it's ours. We don't let him stand on the couch like this, I just thought it was pretty funny and picture worthy!


Stephanie was in town last weekend for a wedding so we got together for her favorite dinner, La Tolteca of course! It was so great to see her, a bummer that Judd couldn't come but we'll take what we can get! He is busy studying for the Bar exam, we think of him every time we watch Law and Order and see Sam Waterston. He reminds us of Judd so much!

The boys couldn't be left out of the pictures of course! Why do I feel like I already have this picture somewhere?

School's Out!!!

For our end of the year party we had a water fun party! I rented this huge Water slide Jumper which the kids just loved! They spent like 3 hours on this thing and just didn't want to stop. I of course had to go on it too, here I am looking like a big goof but the kids thought it was great! I am so happy that it is summer! It was a good year but I am ready for the R&R for sure!