Sunday, June 8, 2008

Amy's Baby Shower

The baby is due in July and we are all getting really excited! Today we had a shower for Amy and it was so much fun. She got lots of wonderful baby stuff and it's so exciting to think that the baby is really coming soon!! Doesn't she look so cute!

She is doing a Honey Bee theme for the nursery and so the shower had a Bee theme too. I made her this bee cake, it was a lot of fun getting it together for her and I am very proud of the way it turned out! Thank you Martha Stewart!

This is Gina, she is responsible for my making my hair look fabulous! Her and Amy are old family friends and she has been doing Amy's hair for years. It was fun to hang out outside of the salon!

Amy and Josh have decided not to find out what they are having until the Baby is born which made buying gifts a little difficult for some. But, Amy's Mom, being the resourceful and wonderful Mother that she is gave Amy gifts for both a boy and a a girl. She even made both pink and blue blankets. Amy assures us that she is not however, having twins!

The lighting in this room was very bright but this is Emily and Andrea and I looking pretty in our summer dresses.