Sunday, September 13, 2009

We are ready for...

Vegas Baby!!!

A couple of weekends ago we went to Las Vegas for Abby's Bachelorette party. We stayed at the Luxor Hotel, the one that is shaped like a pyramid. We actually got to stay for free because the Holt family has friends that live there and they had connections. They also got us into several night clubs for free as well where we got to hang out in the VIP sections. If your going to do Vegas... that's the way to go!!
Amy, Emily and Abby

Lee and I were being very silly because it was super late at night and we were ready to go to sleep. The problem was some of the other girls were having a little trouble getting into their rooms... one girl went to sleep and locked the others out... we had to get the security guard... Hey, what's Vegas with out a little drama right?!

Look at my 3 goofy friends walking around Vegas in their huge hats! I know, I know, they are taking good care of their skin... blah blah blah... I wear my sunscreen!!! ; )

We had a delicious brunch at the Excalibur Hotel the next morning. Leanna had her first Mimosa... yummy!

We all needed some coffee after a very late night!

That night we all wore black dresses and Abby wore a white dress. We got a ton of attention walking around Vegas this way.

We went to a different night club that night and got to sit in the VIP section there as well. We really felt like movie stars!

Leanna and Heidi Love the Vegas!

Even thought we had a lot of fun we were all VERY ready to go home the next morning!!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Tara's Shower

My cousin Ian is getting married on October 4th and our family is very excited!! He is such a wonderful guy and he has been dating Tarah for several years now... I am guessing 4?!? We just love her and we are all so excited to welcome her into our family (officially)! I spent the weekend with Crazy Aunt Nancy and we went to the Shower together. I got to meet Tara's mom and friends there. It was a beautiful shower and we had a great time!!

Aunt Nancy, Tara and I
No, I didn't not bring Boo to the shower... This is Mini, she is Ian and Tara's dog as well as Boo's long lost cousin. She is smaller and her ears are floppy but other than that they look almost exactly alike!

This was all in Tara's parents backyard

The mother of the Groom an the mother of the Bride

I love this picture of Tara, isn't she just fabulous!! : )

Adam's Homecoming Party

Last month my family was very excited to welcome my cousin Adam home from Iraq! He is a US Marine and he served in Iraq for about 6 months I believe. We are all very proud of him and super glad to have him home safe and sound!!!

My Aunt and Uncle hosted a huge welcome home party for Adam and they had a great turn out. People just kept coming and going, everyone was so pleased to see Adam. Believe it or not, Adam is my younger cousin and once upon a time, I was taller than him and Andy... not any more!!!

Adam's good friends hosted a Champagne Toast.