Sunday, March 7, 2010

Baby Buddy

Seeing little Brownie the other day brought back memories of the first day we saw Buddy and so I had to go back and find the pictures!! He was just so little and cute it makes me want to cry. Buddy was even younger in these pictures than Brownie is now, I think he was only like 9 weeks old here. So tiny and floppy, with those little ears and that puppy fur!!!! Oh, I just love him!!!


Keisha and her family just got a new little puppy named Brownie. He is a cacapoo just like Buddy and he looks a lot like Buddy did as a puppy except that he is brown. Even his little nose is chocolate. He is just 12 weeks old and I got to see him just an hour or so after they brought him home. I forgot how tired little puppies get, they wiggle and play and then flop and sleep. He is so soft and snuggly, I just wanted to bring him home with me. We can't wait for him to get all of his shots and everything so that he and Buddy can play, they will be so cute together!