Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Joy and Sean's Wedding

Last Saturday November 24th 2007, Joy and Sean "finally" got married! It was such a beautiful wedding in the small town of Tehachapi. They got married in a cute little church and the reception was held at the Bear Valley Country Club. It was the most perfect fall setting! Josh and I felt so blessed that we both got to be apart of their special day! We love these two so much and we are so blessed to have them as friends!!!

Don't we look Hot!

Keisha and I were actually Groom's Girls! We had such a fun weekend together! We decided that it's really a lot less stressful being on the Groom's side! Ha, ha!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Such a Beautiful Day!

Joy's family is so sweet, this is her Mom. We totally see where Joy get is!

It was such an honor that we both got to be in two of our best friends wedding together. It was so much fun standing next too each other while standing there in support of our friends.

The After Party

The wedding pie!

One of the best things about this wedding was that all of the Groomsmen were wearing Converse! I was totally jelous!


The Night Before

These two love Disneyland!! Josh and I pitched in with some other friends to get them Disneyland passes for their wedding gift. What good are passes for you wedding without the proper attire? This was taken at the rehearsal dinner.

So, there we were 7:45 the night before the wedding with nothing to do. Apparently "T town" shuts down early. I'm from a small town but wow, at least in AG you can go to a movie past 7:30 and there are more than 5 traffic signals in the town. It was very small and very cold! We did however make it to the Kmart and even Starbucks before it closed at 9. We hung out watching movies and even made an exciting trip to the Mini Mart across the street. Anyway, it may have been low key but with this company there are always laughs no matter where we are!

The Buddster!

Giving Buddy a bath has become kind of a pain because he weighs about 17 lbs now. He is a very good boy and makes it relatively easy but it is always fun drying him off. He just snuggles up and lets you wrap him up. Isn't he sweet!

These were taken at my parents house two weekends ago. This is really a picture of my parents new Hardwood floor. It looks very nice and Buddy had fun slipping and sliding on it.

Fun with Sean at D&B

We decided we needed to take Sean out for a night of Bachelor fun so we started the night off with some "special" gifts. Yeah, that was interesting! Then we went to Dave and Busters for some food, drinks and games. We had a great time and Sean got a much needed escape for a few hours.

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Joy's Bridal Shower

Joy and Sean are getting married in 10 days! On Saturday I had a shower for her! It was so much fun! All the girls brought her really cute stuff and we all laughed the night away!
Isn't she just the cutest!!
Yeah, for the pink box!

Just a few detail shots from the shower!

Yeah, we're Justin fans can you tell?

Shelly and I played Martha Stewart as she helped me get ready for the shower. We sparkled pumpkins and turned little pumpkins into tea light candle holders. We had fun and it looked great too!

Friday, November 2, 2007


This year for Halloween I decided to dress up as Barbie! I love Barbie so it was really fun for me. The First Graders loved it. All day long they were calling me Mrs. Barbie. They would tell other students not to call me Mrs. Ambrose "She's not Mrs. Ambrose... She's Mrs. Barbie!" One little First Grader yelled out that I should be called "Mrs. Flaming Hot!" Yeah, I don't know, he's 6! Wow! Anyway, the kids looked so cute and we had so much fun! Coming to school the next day was a different story but let's just focus on the positive!

Here are all my teacher friends, we are such nerds, we love dressing up! We have a Farmer, a Sonrise Student, Barbie, Ms. Viola Swamp and a Bee! Good times! We even went Trick or Treating to some of the students houses. Good Times!

Barbie's Shoes

Dorthy's Shoes

Jackson and Melissa's Wedding

Jackson and Melissa are now Mr. and Mrs. Stava!!!!!
The wedding was at the Altadena Country Club on
Saturday October 27th 2007.

It was a beautiful wedding and I'll be honest, I am pretty proud of these pictures!

Mrs. Stava

Here I am dancing with Jackson saying "Did you really just get married?"

The Happy Couple

Detail Shots

These are some detail pictures I took at the wedding sight
Katrina and I worked very hard to make the pillers look fabulous and we were very proud of our work.

The Country Club didn't need much decorating because it already has such beautiful flowers and plants.