Wednesday, April 29, 2009

best top five ever

I really thought that last night was awesome on American Idol!  It's a Top 5 that is as it should be!  Tonight is going to be so sad... no matter who goes home, it is going to be so sad.  When it came to voting I really wanted to vote for everyone.  I am a huge Kris fan and a huge Allison fan but honestly I think Adam Lambert deserves to win.  In the beginning I never thought I would feel that way but he has blown me away week after week and he is Amazing!!  I know a lot of people love Danny and I can totally see why, he just hasn't been someone who made me want to vote for him but it's not that I don't like him.  I have loved Matt since the beginning and I fought to keep him in last week and I am glad it worked out the way it did because like I said, the Top 5 is as it should be.  I don't think he should win but I am still a big fan.   I was also really impressed with Jamie Foxx last night.  Ever since he won the Oscar for Ray and became a singer I felt that he became a little too cocky but after last night I have a much higher opinion of him.  He really helped them and gave them great advice.  It was funny because we were trying to figure out who the guest would be and thinking of these older guys who it could have been or maybe Michael Buble and then all of the sudden I was like or maybe Jamie Fox... and it was.  I really don't know how I knew it would be him, I just did!  I thought he nailed the old school music thing in Ray and even a song he did with Kanye West and his song "Blame it" is huge right now so maybe... sure enough it was him!  I am good!  Anyway, recess is almost over so I guess I should get back to work but I was just so impressed last night that I had to say something about it!  Oh, and you now what else is exciting... it is always sad when AI comes to and end but that also means... So you think you can Dance, Dance, Dance!!!!!  I can't wait!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


So I was driving away from school the other day and the lady in the car in front of me rolled down her window and tossed out her soda cup.  She just tossed it out the window.  I was honestly in shock... Really, people still throw trash out the window... Really???!!  What country is this?  I remember when I was driving around with my Costa Rican family while I was in Costa Rica and being in the same kind of shock when they tossed trash out the window, it just feels so wrong.  But that was in a different country where they hadn't exactly caught up to the US when it comes to recycling and not littering.  It was just so much more shocking to see someone deliberately littering in San Dimas.  I am pretty sure if you get caught littering it's like a $1,000 fine or something.  With all the talk about going "Green" it just really caught me off guard.  I am not the "Greenest" person by any means, there's a lot more I could be doing but littering... Really??  I just had no idea people still did that!  I mean really!!

Speaking of littering, Josh and I have been enjoying walking the dogs around our neighborhood lately and we always make sure to go prepared to pick up any doggie droppings our little friends might leave behind.  Picking it up and carrying it to the nearest trash is not my favorite task but I can not just leave it.  For one thing it's just not pleasant to be on a walk and have to walk past piles of doggie dodo, it's ugly, smelly and not fun to step in.  I don't want people leaving their dogs messes in my front yard so it's kind of golden rule kind of thing.  On our walks, we are just amazed at how many people don't pick up after their dogs.  In my opinion, you can actually tell how nice a neighborhood is by weather or not people clean up after their pets.  Another reason why I pick it up is because I am honestly worried that someone would see me leave it and like yell at me or something.  Well, on one of our resent walks we kept seeing these blue doggie dodo baggies that had been left behind.  Someone had actually take then time to go to the pet store, buy the special bags, walk their dog, scoop it up and tie the bag neatly but then left it on the sidewalk.  Really, you take the time to do all that, to scoop it up and tie it and then leave it on the ground. Really???!!!  I think that might actually be worse than not picking up the mess at all.  Now your leaving dog pooh as well as trash on the ground.  Oh, and it's not like there are no trash cans around... I mean Really!?!?!?!?!?!?

I know these things are kind of silly but you know how some things just bug... it feels good to vent!  Sometimes I want to be like my mom and write a letter to the editor but then I think who would appreciate my thoughts?  Hooray for blogs!! 

If you haven't seen "Really with Seth and Amy,"  (well now it's just  "Really with Seth") on SNL, you should.  It's one of my favorite segments of the show!  Really! : )

Friday, April 24, 2009

Willy Wonka

For the second half of our Spring Break we took a much needed get away to AG.  We would have left sooner but I ended up getting Jury Duty on Monday (It was like they knew I had time off... errrr at least it only lasted one day!) and had to work on a class for school but once that was all done we were finally free to hit the road.
We got to see Matt play the Candy Man in Willy Wonka.  He also played the reporter.  He did such a good job!!  He continues to surprise us every time we see him in another musical.

It's always fun to watch the little kids come and ask Matt for his autograph after the play.  He's so famous!
Here's Matt with Willy Wonka himself!
Later we went out for Sushi to celebrate Matt's Birthday.  We had a great time!  It was so nice to have a break from school.  We got to spend a lot of time with our families and we also got to sleep and relax which we really needed!!  

Easter at Our House

This year we had my parents over to our house for Easter.  It was our first time hosting a holiday and we had a wonderful time together.  We had a delicious dinner of BBQ stake, baby red potatoes and roasted asparagus.  Thank you Emily for the great asparagus recipe!!  Yummy!!

On Easter morning we all got up and got ready for church and then when we got there we realized it started at 10:00 instead of 10:30 like it usually does.  We even looked it up on the website... and anyway... we got there and they were having church out on the lawn under a tent and there was no where to park... and we were too embarrassed so we ended up driving through the parking lot and then driving away.  We decided that since we were already all dressed up we would go out for a nice brunch.  We went to Downtown Claremont and had a delicious meal at Walter's.  Then we walked around town because it was such a beautiful day.

I love walking around down there.  There are so many beautiful trees and flowers.  There are cute old houses and fun little shops.  Even thought the day didn't exactly go as planned we had a great time.   My parents had to leave on Sunday afternoon so once they left we headed over to have a fabulous Easter dinner with Josh, Amy, Jackson and the whole family.  Amy's Mom is a wonderful cook and always prepares a feast.  They are such a wonderful family, they make us feel like we are family too!!  I feel so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends.  Although life can be very stressful at times, I am so blessed!! 

Easter Cookies

For Easter I wanted to make the First Graders some cookies and so I tried making them on sticks for a change.  Personally I thought they came out really cute and the kids thought they were pretty cool.  They were like "How did you do that?"  It's the little things in life that make us happy I guess!

I also made some larger Easter Bunnies, Eggs and Chicks for some other people at work.  They came out really cute as well and I am so bummed that I didn't take a picture of them!  Oh, well, I guess you will have to wait until next year to see them.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

a little shout out to the home town

I have to admit, it's pretty cool to hear Zac mention our 
home town. If you didn't know, he graduated from AG 
High a few years behind us.
Although we never actually went to school at the same 
time or even knew each other, it's cool to hear him talk 
about our little town that we love so much. Jackson even 
worked with him in Jr. High Drama. I remember him
mentioning this kid he had worked with that was off in LA
working on this little movie called High School Musical...
Who knew!! We just saw 17 Again and thought he did a 
great job of playing Matthew Perry. It was rather 
predictable but funny and enjoyable. I would totally see 
it again, Oh and it's easy to see why he is the teen heart 
throb of today. Too cute!  Anyway, I think it's cool and so 
do all of our students!! ; )