Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The New Place

So... we started escrow on a fabulous town home in San Dimas! These are some pictures of the outside so you can at least get a feel for what the community is like! We are really excited and just hoping and praying that everything continues to go smoothly!

Monday, May 19, 2008

The Spring Program is OVER

How happy are we that the Spring Program is finally over???? It was a big success but it was exhausting!! Keisha and I choreographed a fabulous ribbon performance and we were so proud of our kids for pulling it off. How do you like our shirts???

Some of you might remember this kid, he was one of my first students and now he is taller than me! He is standing on a step here but I was wearing really tall shoes. It's frightening! I love when I get to see them, they make me so happy!

After the show we had to go out and celebrate! We were so tired we nearly fell asleep at the table!

Mother's Day Gift

For Mother's Day the first graders and I got to paint ceramic coffee mugs. We had so much fun and the kids really did a beautiful job. The moms just loved them, my moms included!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Tea Party

Yesterday we had a Ladies Tea Party at church. It was so much fun! Different ladies from the church decorated their tables and invited people to come and sit at their table. Being that I don't have any tea party stuff I got to barrow some fabulous china from my friend Barbara and decorating was a blast. It was a lot of fun to see all the different china people have. The church really looked like a Tea House.
My Grandma gave me these awesome blue glass Mason Jars just in time for the Tea Party!

The food was amazing! This chocolate cake was delicious!

How cute is this China???

Heidi and Amy

Fabulous Friends

Amy, Brittany, Christina, Heidi and Emily

Heidi and Shelly

Emily and Michelle

Amy and Brittany

Michelle, Heidi, Andrea and Courtney

A Beautiful Table

Thursday, May 1, 2008


Ok, so I know I have been neglecting my Blog for awhile here but, the good news is... I'm back! The crazy thing is that I swore I would never have a facebook or any of that other stuff or even get into blogging. Well... I guess my computer skills have come along way and I have gotten over some of my fears. I blame Joy for teaching me about Flair on facebook and other fun stuff like that for my absence on the blog. Anyway, life has been busy for other reasons as well. School is winding down and we are all counting down the days until summer. Of course before it can end it has to get outrageously busy and that's where we are now. We just finished SAT testing which took two weeks. We are preparing for the big All School Spring Program. It's a big job. We have about 700 kids or something so to get them all involved and ready is a big deal. My class is working with the third grade class. We had to come up with something to add to our song and I jokingly said we could do a ribbon dance or something. They thought it was a great Idea! So, over the last 2 weeks I have been choreographing a ribbon dance with help from Keisha, Joy and Sean. I have never done anything like this and it's actually pretty tricky but it's turning out to be really cool. Whoever thought I would be choreographing a ribbon dance? Well it's been fun and I can't wait to see it all together!!!
The other thing we have been busy with is trying to buy a house!! We have been looking for several months now and we have seen about 30 places! There is a lot of crap out there, seriously! We have seen some really great places too and we think we have finally found one we really like in San Dimas! In the beginning it was all really overwhelming, all these terms and things I knew nothing about. Josh and I have learned so much it has been very interesting. It's still some what overwhelming but at least I feel more comfortable now. I am really trying to trust God's plan and his timing. I know he has it all planned out! I just need to remember not to worry about it all. Easier said than done! We hope to move sometime in the beginning of summer or before!
So, I guess that's about all!! It's good to be back!!

First Graders and Computers

This year our school has started the process of going to one on one laptops for all students. This year we have a cart of Macbooks that travels from classroom to classroom and next year the third-fifth grade classes will actually be one on one meaning each student in those grades will have a their own laptop to use in class all day everyday. It's pretty crazy. It has been a wild ride teaching computers to 6 and 7 year old kids. I thought it would be easier because kids these days are all pretty up with technology but these kids were really nervous. Some caught on really quick but others not so much. It's like starting from scratch, learning the very basics, how to log in and such. Things we all do but we don't remember learning. The last month has been amazing because the kids are finally "getting." It's really exciting. I am also feeling really proud of myself because I feel my computer knowledge and skills have really improved and I am pretty impressed with the things I can do now!


Here we are at the Mall of America! It really is HUGE!! We had fun shopping and we even got to try cheese curds. They sound horrible but they are actually pretty good.

Becky and Cory's Wedding

The wedding was in a beautiful old mansion, it was amazing! After the ceremony we went down to the wine cellar for drinks which was something I had never done before. It was really neat. The reception was held up stairs in the ballroom. I don't know if that was really what it was called but that's what it felt like!

The Girls

The Guys


Good times on the dance floor!!!

It was really cold in Minnesota and I really had nothing warm to wear. One of the ladies that works in our office at school, Kathy, let me barrow this beautiful coat that went with my outfit perfectly. I loved it so much I didn't want to take it off, or give it back to her. It actually snowed the day we were leaving and heading to the airport. We really had a fun weekend!