Monday, November 10, 2008

A Beautiful Wednesday Spent at the Huntington Library

Last Wednesday the students had the day off and our administration took all of us teachers to the Huntington Library for a day of beautiful sights, delicious food and great company.  It was a very nice treat and great to have a day away from school.  Weird that it was in the middle of the week but hey, we take what we can get.  It is a beautiful historical library.  The owners were filthy rich and lived in a mansion which is now a really boring art gallery.  I guess it depends on who you ask but I found it really boring!  The fun part is all the really amazing gardens that you get to walk through.  Several movies have been filmed there because it is so beautiful.  It was used for one of my favorite moves, The Wedding Planner.  The seen where they are trying to pick out a statue to have at the wedding and it gets knocked over.  

This bridge was used in Memoirs of a Geisha, they had to bring in special cherry blossoms for the movie.  
Majide!!!  These are called Foo Dog statues.  Naturally we had to do Majide, although I think these are actually Chinese and Majide is Japanese... oops!!

At Noon we all enjoyed tea time in this cute little tea house.  When I say little I mean it!!  We were really crammed in there and it was a little hectic getting to the buffet but it was really delicious!

Yummy!!!  I love fruit tarts, my favorite!!
Yikes Caviar... YUCK!!  We had to try it though!!

How cute is Barbara with her sun umbrella in the English Garden??
How do you like that?  The Pavilion of the Three Friends, talk about exclusive!

Here are the San Dimas teachers in front of the Serenity Rock Garden being anything but calm as usual!!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Puppy Love

Buddy and Boo have continued to bond nicely.  They tackle each other and rough house around the living room but I will often walk in and find them snuggled together like this.  Too sweet!

Jackson's First Rides

The weekend before Halloween we decided to brave the crowds and see Disneyland all decorated.  We had to see the giant Mickey Jack-o-lantern!!  It was a crazy, busy night but we had fun anyway.
Josh and I got to go with Josh and Amy as they took Jackson on his first rides.  We went on Pirates of the Caribbean and Haunted Mansion.  Yikes, we hope we didn't scar him for life but he seamed to like it.  It was funny when we went on Parties and we went down the first drop, he was eating and totally spit the bottle out in surprise.  

He was just totally captivated by the Haunted Mansion.  Being that it's all decked out with Nightmare Before Christmas stuff, it's really not that scary, it's all bright and colorful and glowing.  It's pretty cool!!

Halloween at School

All of us teachers got matching Peanuts PJs.  "It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!"  As you can see Buddy played the role of the Great Pumpkin.  He came to school with me and the kids so loved seeing him as a pumpkin.  He was such a trooper!  He didn't like the hat but he wore the rest of the costume with pride all day long.   It was only a half day which made it really nice and a perfect day for Buddy to visit.

I loved the spooky cupcakes that one mom made.  The first graders had so much fun.  They all dressed up and we played Halloween Jingo and ate yummy snacks.  
Vergie, Bonnie and Carol were line slips and tardy slips.  It was too funny.  Line slips are what the kids get if they are being bad.   If they get one they have to stand on the line instead of playing during recess.  It was pretty creative!  Vergie and Carol are campus aids who have recess duty so they are all to familiar with line slips. 
Buddy is such a good dog, he will sit in my chair and stay there while I am getting things done in the classroom.

More from Halloween

This is the cute little Halloween blanket that my Mom sent Boo.  It says My First Boo!  
It's more fun to bite it anything else!!

Who is that???

What a combo!!
Leanna was a Hershey's Kiss!  She was so cute and she brought Putrid Punch with Gummy Worm ice cubes!  Yummy!!
Cute little Pirate and Bumble Bee!!
Jackson tired out around 9.  He fell asleep standing up pretty much.
Just a few of the yummy spooky snacks that we shared! : )

Monday, November 3, 2008

La De Da De Da Halloween!

So... we had a little Halloween party and here are a few pictures.  More to come soon when I have some actual free time... what's that right?  It was really fun, everyone got really into it.  Costumes, spooky foods and all!!
Buddy and Boo even dressed up.  
Only Jackson would dress up as prop 8!  Melissa is wearing her cheer leading outfit from high school.  Impressive!

Minnie Mouse and Clark... no wait... Superman!!
I don't know who this white trash family is that decided to crash our party!!

So, for school all the teachers and I got matching Halloween PJs which was cute but because we did that I really didn't have a costume.  The best I could come up with  around the house at the last minute was a punk rock girl.  I was kind of hardcore... yeah, I tough!!  Josh was Jim from the office, complete with the three hole punch costume that Jim wore in season 2 I believe.