Thursday, August 19, 2010

Kimberly and Evan's Rehearsal Dinner

Josh and I were in Chicago last week with Jackson and Melissa for Evan and Kim's wedding! We had an amazing week and there are more pictures to come but for now, I have posted some pictures and video from the Rehearsal dinner. I have been to many Rehearsal Dinners but this one was by far the most beautiful. Kimberly and Evan have waited along time for this day and we have been waiting as well. Kimberly and her siblings all play the violin and they are amazing! Her Grandparents traveled all the way from Taiwan to be at the wedding so they took this opportunity to play for them. It was incredible. I think the last time I heard Kim play was at my own wedding. They totally brought many of us to tears... watch and see!!

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Kami said...

Actually it was probably my wedding! :)